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What is Fieldnotes Ai, & how can it help you?

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Meet Annette

the best sales assistant you will ever have…

Meet Annette

the best sales assistant you will ever have…

Have you have ever forgotten to follow-up with a lead? If you have, you are not alone. However, did you know that over 90% of deals are lost because of the lack of follow-up?

Our Ai platform, Annette is here to help. We can not only generate leads but more importantly, our Ai reaches out to the leads and nurtures them so that when they are ready, our Ai will let you know. In fact, it will follow-up with your leads for over 50x times and it gets a 96% response rate. This is the next generation of real estate technology.

Here are just a few features of how we can help you get more qualified opportunities and close more deals...

Digital Marketing
Generate Leads that provide results. We know real estate marketing is hard but we have experts who can help you get the leads that you want. We do it the right way because we help build your brand. We offer multi-channel digital marketing to generate leads for you. From Facebook/Instagram, Pay Per Click Ads, LinkedIn to YouTube, we will help determine the most optimal way to get you leads.
Branding Website
Building your digital brand starts with a website. A website that helps you build your brand is the one that is beautiful and engaging. Integrated with IDX, the latest listings show up faster than Zillow, and more importantly, it’s integrated into the CRM and our Ai platform.
Integrated CRM
Included in our Ai platform, all the leads entered into our powerful and complete CRM system. In the CRM, you will be able to nurture new and existing contacts through text and emails. You can also track and engage them with home searches or market reports that are integrated into a number of systems like Facebook, Zillow, and hundreds of other systems including your website.
Intelligent Assistant
Your Ai assistant will follow up on your leads through voice, text, emails or Facebook Messenger. It will follow-up and nurture your leads a minimum of 50x over 18 months! What's more is that she delivers consistent results in finding you qualified opportunities - meaning only people who are interested in buying or selling their homes.

One Simple Solution

We heard you. You want one simple system, not multiple tools. We offer a single platform that includes the digital marketing, lead generation, website, and CRM. No more having to get different teams or different platforms. You are busy enough, why spend the time to find the right team and the right tools? It’s all put together with real estate experienced professionals.

Want to know how we can help you propel your business into the digital future?

With our team of digital marketing professionals, Fieldnotes will help you generate leads through various digital marketing channels like Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, etc. And when the leads come in, Annette will be the first point of contact for them. She will continue to follow up with the leads to nurture and qualify them.

As a result, you can focus on growing your business. What’s most important is that we are here to deliver the RESULTS that you are looking for!

Our Innovative and Comprehensive
Marketing Management Solution

Digital Marketing

Generate Leads that provide results. Learn how you can generate leads through different social channels. See how we do it differently to drive results.

Facebook Ads – Generate Ad Campaigns through Facebook that includes Buyer Leads and Listing Leads

Google AdWords – Discover How You Can Drive More Traffic & Leads With PPC (Pay Per Click) Advertising

Lead Management powered by Ai

The Future is Now

Getting leads isn’t the problem.  It’s all about the follow-up.  This is where our Lead Management platform, Annette helps you!  She will follow up and nurture your leads on your behalf.  And when the lead is ready to work with you, the lead will be qualified and ready to talk to you.

No more leads falling through the cracks.

Branding Website

Make your statement. Make it yours.

Think of your website as your digital business card. Create an image that is uniquely yours. Let us help you create a custom site that includes IDX data for all the listings. Better yet, it is integrated directly into Fieldnotes to respond to incoming leads immediately.


The Future is Now

Switching from one CRM to another? The best CRM is one that you will use. Fieldnotes is a real estate CRM that is designed for a busy real estate agent to be out in the field, not behind a desk.

Using our Smart Data Entry system powered by Ai, it can perform all sorts of mundane and boring tasks that you simply don’t have the time to do. No need to feel guilty about organizing your contacts anymore!

What can your AI Assistant do?
• Create/Update your contacts
• Categorize and group your contacts
• Remind you of your follow-ups
• Suggest when to reach out to your contacts
• Manage your transactions automatically
• Reach out to your contacts regularly and consistently

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