Welcome to FieldNotes!

Ready to get started with Annette, your lead gen Ai platform? Here are the key steps to get going!

Getting Started

This section is to help you get started in using FieldNotes’ Customer Engagement Platform.

There’s not much to use.  We will automatically configure the system based on your profile.  Once your account has been created, you will receive your initial password.

Here are 3 key tips to get started with Annette, our lead gen Ai:

  1. The leads will flow into the Customer Engagement Platform.  To view those leads and view the Ai conversations, you can login here
  2.  When the lead gets qualified, you will receive a text from Annette (the Ai) to notify you of a lead.  It will be followed up with a group text message between you and the lead
  3. It is important that you follow-up with the lead within a few minutes.  Leads can go cold because they may be reaching out to other agents as well.

If you have other lead sources like Zillow, Realtor.com or other sources, you can let Annette follow-up and qualify those leads for you. 

To help you with that, please reach out to one of our Customer Success Managers to help you with it.  

Sure, you can name the Ai to whatever name you pref.  Annette is just the default name.  Simply let your CSM know during the initial setup call.

If you have old leads that you have forgotten about, no worries.  We call this Cold Lead Reactivation.  Simply assign those leads to Annette and watch her do the follow-ups. 

Yes, you can use FieldNotes to manage your contacts.  It also uses the same Ai to help you with your contacts.  To learn more, click here

Now that you are setup, Annette will now help you to reach out to your leads and qualify your leads.  If you have any questions, please contact one of our CSMs or refer to the Support  page.