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How it works

Achieve More With Sparky

Field Notes Ai powered by Sparky is 800% faster than humans when it comes to reading notes & contracts, categorizing & entering data, and automating sales & transaction tasks so you can focus on clients.

Extremely efficient. Ridiculously easy.

1. Add Sparky

Save Sparky as a contact into your phone. You may even add Sparky to the favorites.
Sparky promises to work hard even for no food or water.

2. Put Sparky to work

Email or text Sparky everything you have. This includes transaction contracts, voice dictated texts, meeting notes, or pictures of your notes. The only thing Sparky doesn't read is snail mail.

3. Get your work cut out for you

Sparky now stores your notes into it's separate fields and schedules tasks. For contracts, Sparky pulls the pertinent completion dates and schedules when you'll need to complete each tasks. Inspection completed early? No problem, all other tasks will have their dates adjusted automatically. A daily list of tasks is compiled and sent to you every morning on the dot. Sparky promises to store all your data safely.

4. Send us feedback

What else would you like to Sparky to do? Send us an email or give us a call so we can continue to make Sparky the most useful tool ever built for realtors.

Agents using Sparky see more clients, get more time & sell more houses.

How do you spend your day?  How many calls, emails and follow-ups do you each day to build your business?  Let’s see the time that Sparky can save you by organizing your business and giving you more time back…

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How would your day change if you got your time back?

Sparky understands conversational English creates and updates records automatically schedules tasks compiles the daily to-do list

Sparky was created to mimic a human sales assistant. No need to learn commands or take classes. Just simply send contracts, photos or text and Sparky places your notes into appropriate fields like birthday, pet name, or target location.

What Sparky hears...

"Robert Larsen asked to view 3 houses with me on 4/15 in Bellevue. His birthday was March 18th and he has a daughter named Sally and a dog named Fido. I told him I would send him an email tomorrow summarizing our conversation today." 

What Sparky does...

Create new contact
+ Name: Robert Larsen
+ Target Area: Bellevue
+ Daughter: Sally
+ Birthday: 3/18
+ Pet: Fido

Create new task
+ Due 4/15/2018: Tour Robert 3 houses in Bellevue.
+ Due 4/1/2018: Send Robert email summarizing 3/31/2018 conversation.

Curious to see how Field Notes Ai can help your team work faster?

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