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Real Estate Agent Or Brokerage, Replace Your  Contact Database CRM with a

Smarter Ai Lead Nurturing System That Get's You 96% Response Rate

Convert buyer’s & seller’s leads faster with a conversational Ai Lead Automation system that will reduce Garbage Leads & manage your contact list 24/7 through Email, SMS & Facebook Messager

Get 20 to 60+ Hand-off Every 12 months

"A" Graded Quality Leads Hand-off. Spend your energy on only quality leads

Get Quality Lead Response

Annette is a humanized Ai, trained to understand human sentiment and empathy, to handle the most difficult leads.

  1. It will never miss a single lead
  2. It will follow up on your leads through voice, text, emails or Facebook Messenger.
  3. It will follow up and nurture your leads a minimum of 50x over 18 months
  4. You get more than 96% Response Rate
  5. Annette will nurture Lead, converts them to Opportunity, and then update you
  6. Categorize and Group Leads into meaningful buckets
  7. Create/Update contacts on the go

Meet Annette - Your AI Sales Assistant

Double GCI by Closing more Deals with preferred buyers & Sellers.

  1. Bring your own leads or have fieldnotes generate Leads for you, with our seasoned marketing team
  2. Easily capture leads with our IDX website solutions
  3. Meet Annette our Conversational Ai  Sales Assistant​ that automates follow-up like a human. 
  4. Get live hand-off when your leads is ready to talk.

Trusted by over 1000+ Real Estate Agents & Brokerages

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