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The #1 CRM that supports the Ninja Selling training system - built on giving agents time to focus on relationship, not their database

A purpose built CRM that is powered by an Ai assistant

It's more than a CRM.  We call it a Customer Engagement Platform.  What makes it different is that it is powered by Ai Assistant.  It takes the drudgery of database admin work and gives you back time to focus on your relationships.  

Focus on your relationships, not administrative tasks

As a Ninja, you need to focus on relationships, not managing your database. We have an Ai assistant, Sparky that automatically manages your contacts and organizes your notes.

Track your business activities

Keep all your business opportunities and transactions all together. Keep an eye on your goal and focus on your opportunities. We have the digital Business Tracker that can keep your documents safe on the cloud.

Stay focus on your leads

Manage and stay on top of your leads. With the number of contacts in your database, we have a simple and easy way for you to manage your leads.

Reminders to connect with your clients

Remind yourself to contact your 50 outreach each week. Your Ai assistant will remind you of which contacts to reach week so that no contacts will fall through the cracks.

Learn with fellow Ninjas

Learning a new system may not come naturally to you. This is why we host a weekly session that is only for Ninja agents. It makes learning more fun and more effective with fellow Ninjas.

The perfect plan for Ninjas

If you are ready to get started, give it a 15 day trial run.  We will help you with a personal onboarding session.  In addition, join us for our weekly Ninja training calls.

Customer Engagement Platform



There is not an easier and more powerful CRM than Fieldnotes. It's because it is powered by an Ai that updates and organizes your contacts without having you to login!

Business Tracker

Business Tracker

Go beyond an Excel spreadsheet and take your Business Tracker to the next level. Let your contacts, your sales pipeline and transactions all be in one platform. We understand the Ninja way!



Stay in continuous touch with your contacts. Our Ai ensures that none of your contacts fall through the cracks because it checks when was the last time you reached out and reminds you! Keep the Flow going!

Mobile App - iOS/Android

Mobile App - iOS/Android

Download the mobile app from the Apply App Store or Google Play to access your contacts.

Transaction Management by AI

Transaction Management by AI

Let our Ai help you organize your transaction by putting the critical dates onto your calendar. It's like having a transaction coordinator working for you 7 days a week!

Action Plan Templates

Action Plan Templates

These are pre-written campaigns that include email or SMS templates. Imagine sending a number of emails or text messages to your contacts throughout the year with you having to lift a finger!

Email/Text Campaigns*

Email/Text Campaigns

Send group emails or text messages from the application. The best thing is that you can set it up one time and let the Ai take care of the rest.

Ninja Focused Training Sessions

Ninja Focused Training Sessions

Join other fellow Ninjas in a weekly training session to help you get the most out of Fieldnotes with your business.

Phone/Calendar Integration

Phone/Calendar Integration

We integrate with Microsoft Office 365 or Google email & calendar accounts. This way your calendar is in sync with your Fieldnotes and the emails are sent from your email account.

Product Features

Got Questions? Want to learn more?

Frequently asked questions

That’s great.  Sign-up for the 15 day trial and setup a meeting with one of our Customer Success Managers.  We will make sure that you’re treated right!  It is important to us that you have the right experience in learning about Fieldnotes.  

If you have any questions, please reach out to us at or schedule some time to talk to us with this link.

We are a different type of company.  We believe that our solution is to help you to spend more time on personal relationships and less on administrative tasks.  That’s why we have an Ai assistant that will simplify your work like adding/updating contacts or managing transactions using our Ai.

We live by these principles from the moment you sign-up.  We do personal onboardings and we have the live Ninja training sessions so that you can hear how other Ninja agents use the platform. 

No, we are not affiliated with Ninja Selling.  We believe in the same selling principles and have partnered with a lot of Ninja agents that align and support the Ninja Selling philosphy.

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