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Increase CRM Usage

Only 20% of agents use the CRM brokerages provide. Done wasting money? Ask us to do a study.

Retain Talent

Losing agents to competing brokerages? Start deploying technology agents want to stay for.

Develop Superagents

Agents today lose 80% of information learned on any given day. Never forget anything again.

Supercharge your CRM.
Leverage Data Like Never Before.
Accelerate Your Brokerage.

Agents Love Clients, Not CRMs

Top real estate agents love people, not computer screens. The last thing on their mind is popping open a laptop, checking for wifi, and clicking through endless CRM windows.

With Sparky, agents have their cake and eat it too. Incredible prospect and client data, while maximizing their time: Getting to the next deal.

Simple Technology That Empowers.

Sparky the digital sales assistant helps agents accumulate a quality database without opening up any apps. Agents reach Sparky via text messages, forwarded emails, photographs, etc.

Sparky creates contacts, organizes data, and schedules tasks automatically. Now agents focus on what matters most: Clients.

You Want Results?
We Deliver Results.

Faster Data Entry
1 X
More CRM Usage
0 %
Saved Per Transaction
$ 0

Voice Dictate, Send A Text, Picture, Email.
Sparky Does The Rest.

1. Sparky finds contact & posts copy of note/file

2. Information parsed & organized

3. Tasks automatically created.

4. Sync commands to Sparky with phone, calendar & marketing systems.

Unlock your agent's full potential with Field Notes AI

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