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Real Estate Teams

Teamwork. Accelerated.

Achieve Incredible Efficiency & Growth With Sparky: Digital Sales Assistant

Perfect Transactions

Working towards a world class client experience? Sparky auto-organizes transaction deadlines.

Eliminate Friction

Tired of team members chasing each other down? Sparky updates the CRM and delegates so the team can focus.

Affordable Growth

Want to grow without hiring? Sparky takes time sucking activities and does them so the team works smarter.

Deliver Perfect Client Experiences.
Leverage Incredible Marketing Data.
Accelerate Your Team.

World's Fastest CRM.
Super Easy To Use.

80% of information is lost daily due to the non-storing of data. Why? The last thing on agents' minds is popping open a laptop, checking for wifi, and clicking through endless CRM windows.

Sparky organizes agents data via text messages, fwded emails, photographs, etc. Automatically.

From Client Notes To Transactions

Missing client notes or deadlines may be catastrophic, but management is stressful and prone to human error. With Sparky, agents have their cake and eat it too.

Agents now capture incredible prospect & client data without ever logging into an app. Now they can focus on what really matters in real estate: Getting to the next deal.

You Want Results?
We Deliver Results.

Faster Data Entry
1 X
Saved Per Agent Monthly
0 min.
More Prospect & Client Data
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Voice Dictate, Send A Text, Picture, Email.
Sparky Does The Rest.

1. Sparky finds contact & posts copy of note/file

2. Information parsed & organized

3. Tasks automatically created.

4. Sync commands to Sparky with phone, calendar & marketing systems.

Unlock your team's full potential with Field Notes AI

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