Welcome to FieldNotes!

We are excited to have you join our anti-CRM revolution!

Getting Started

This section is to help you get started in using Field Notes and Sparky, your digital assistant.

It’s easy.  You can download the Onboarding – Welcome Handout  file to get started quickly. 

Here are some quick training videos to help you get started.

As well, you can schedule a personal 30 minute onboarding call to walk you through getting started with one of our Customer Success Managers

You can text or email Sparky.   Always start with a reference to your contact’s first and last name with each message.  After that, anything else goes!

For SMS messages, you can send picture images or just plain text.  For emails, you can send Excel or CSV file, PDF for documents, vcf files for contacts, pictures and text.

To help you see some examples of using Sparky, you can download a FieldNotes Tip Card to quickly reference.  It’s quick simple because of the Ai.

Sparky will capture all the information that you share with it via text or email.  He scans through your message and updates the database based on the key fields.  

Sparky is like a virtual real estate assistant for you.  It can setup reminders or put events on your calendars.  It can also update lists for marketing campaigns and it can remind you on key transaction dates.

You can integrate to your Google or Outlook calendar.  Simply navigate to your Profile (upper right corner) and navigate to Settings.  You connect through authenticating your account.  Once that is done, you can see all your events that Sparky updates on your phone or desktop.

Now that you are setup, you can start using Sparky to manage your client database, your follow-ups and do transaction management.  if you have any questions, please contact one of our CSMs or refer to the Support  page.