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With more than hundreds of long-term partnerships, we can confidently say that we became friends with our customers.

I'm the broker/owner of MS Realty partners. I've been doing real estate in the San Antonio area for over 27 years. Some of the lead generation and lead management challenges we were facing were trying to find the right tool to invest our money in and get a reasonable return on our investment. We do really, really great business with our sphere of influence, but we are looking to grow our sphere, and doing that meant engaging with leads outside of our own database.

We started doing some research on lead generation strategies and that’s how we started with KV Core. The team spent about three months testing their platform and we considered it a huge failure. We did walk away with some great takeaways of what to look for in a lead generation company.

The team outlined a series of questions to use as we interview new lead gen companies. Our questions included:

“Where are you getting your real estate leads from? And how does your lead management system work?”

“Are you using the same set of ads to generate business as you are with every other client?”

“Are we handling our own social media postings?” We knew we were not the best at it and when the team gets really busy, the ball is dropped.

So, why Fieldnotes.Ai?
What's really different about Fieldnotes and what I'm really pleased about is their Ai intelligence. It was what drew me in when I was doing my internet research and looking for a company to work with that charges reasonable fees, has the intelligence and consistency to follow up with our leads since agents have a high failure rate with follow-up. We were also looking for some personalization in regards to social media campaigns.

With Fieldnotes, you guys punched all of those buttons. We have had an amazing experience with your Ai (we call her Annette) and she has become a very real part of the team. Her conversations are so professional, you would never know that it was Ai.

What advice can you give new Fieldnotes users?
As a new user using Fieldnotes, my advice is, be prepared. Be ready because you're going to find success with it. But also get in and learn their system, their platform is user friendly and simple to use and don’t be afraid to ask questions.

Missy S.
MS Realty
I'm Parth P.. I'm a realtor with Florida Homes Realty and mortgage. Based out of Gainesville, Florida, I got into real estate in 2016 on the investment side, really enjoyed that in the last couple years, I've been doing both investments in real estate, traditional real estate.

What’s your experience working with Fieldnotes.Ai?
Working with Fieldnotes has been phenomenal. Just the fact that the lead generation and Annette together freed up my time substantially, has refocused me on building deeper relationships with my clients.

How has Fieldnotes changed your business?
As far as Fieldnotes impacting my business, I'm getting at least two or three leads a week that are legitimately serious about buying. (I'm going after buyer leads at the moment.) Those two to three leads are sent over to my mortgage lender, (you guys helped me, you know, partner up with. So, thank you for that.) And then he kind of sends them back to me once he's pre-qualified them. Fieldnotes also helped me with the IDX feeds, so they're already set up to do automated home searches. All I have to do is follow up with my clients and figure out which properties they're interested in, set up showings and then essentially just get the contract to close.
Florida Homes Realty
Hi, my name is Stephanie F., and I'm a licensed real estate broker in the state of Oregon.

What was life before Fieldnotes.Ai?
Before I found Fieldnotes, my follow-up consisted of me, you know, putting names and numbers in my CRM and occasionally checking in with those people to follow up. It was not consistent and I wasn't seeing a lot of results, obviously, because consistency is key.

How did you start with Fieldnotes?
I took my entire database that I had been building for the past few years and took that over to Fieldnotes. I had the team set up Anna, (which is what I call my Ai) to help me follow up with my existing leads. I have seen more engagement, and have found the people who need my help hiding in my CRM. I have been able to connect with them and start working to find them what they're looking for when buying or selling their home. What advice would you give Agents starting out with Fieldnotes?

The piece of advice that I would leave you with is don't wait. I was going to delay kicking off the launch until Jan 2022 but we turned it on before then. And I was so happy we did because people were home over the holidays. They wanted to get stuff going.

So do it before you think you want to just because people out there in real estate are moving all the time. So, take it from me, go get Fieldnotes and get you some help because you cannot do it by yourself.
My name is Jimmy S. and I was in the military for 20 years. Once I retired, I became a full-time realtor and currently work with EXP Realty.

What has been the impact of Fieldnotes.Ai on your business?
Well, the impact that Fieldnotes has had on my business is that it has allowed those older leads that I previously worked on, or at least I thought I was, to become re-energized. The consequence of breathing new life into my leads is that recently I've had two contracts submitted, (waiting for those to be accepted), and I got another offer coming in.

That was just the start, after those 3 qualified opportunities turned into actual deals, Annette did a live hand off of at least 10 people from my database and I've only been with fieldnotes a little bit over a month.

They're all hot leads so they're either already pre-qualified, or they have the application in hand and/or they're waiting for a response from the lender.

What were some of your challenges as an agent before Fieldnotes?
Some of the initial challenges when I first started, was lead management. I started with an Excel spreadsheet to manage my leads. It became unmanageably impossible to follow up on because I was a part of EXP Realty’s lead generation initiatives and I was acquiring leads a lot faster than I could follow up with.

It was a godsend at the start, and then eventually my database started growing and growing with over 3000 leads last I counted. That’s when it became an overwhelming task to follow up with so many opportunities.

I hired some help but it didn’t make a dent and that’s when partnering up with Fieldnotes 10x my productivity and changed my business.
EXP Realty